Empowering the lives of thousands of manufacturing employees
For manufacturers, inefficient last mile data capture and siloed data storage systems result in digital version of factories not being in sync with actual status of work on the shop floor.
This significantly reduces efficiency by adversely impacting real time visibility, decision making, manufacturing intelligence as well as the potential for generating ROI from higher value solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning. Additionally, most Industry 4.0 solutions also tend to ignore the human impact of deploying technology, thereby posing a significant long term risk for the sustainable growth of this sector, particularly in countries like India that depend on it for job creation.
By reducing the barrier for entry for manufacturing companies to digitally transform, we are ensuring that Indian manufacturers do not get left behind when it comes to adoption of technology and are able to compete globally by playing to India’s own unique advantage of a tech enabled workforce.
By combining human capital with technology and building India-first solutions that empower rather than replace, we are able to drive tangible productivity benefits such as:
75% less
Time & effort for NVA admin work
more Productive time / person / day
<<1 min
real - time reports & data visibillty
1-2 Days
reduction in WIP and inventory
more hidden opportunities
Meet the Team
At Factri.Ai, we have a highly experienced team of manufacturing and technology professionals who have developed an industry ready solution that has been deployed at scale at over 20+ factories across India.
Each of our promoters has more than 12-15 years of hands-on experience in the area of digital transformation having worked on multiple global projects for a number of leading international manufacturing organizations.
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