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A Smart Assistant for your Smart Factory!
DataWiz makes your factory smarter!
— Realtime visibility
— Increased traceability
DataWiz is a no-code / low-code Industry 4.0 platform that simplifies the process of data capture to decision making for manufacturing organizations.
DataWiz allows users to capture, connect and access various types of factory data on one common platform enabling cross-functional analytics and AI/ML driven manufacturing intelligence.
Digitize, Visualize & Analyze any type of factory data in real time
Our out-of-the-box mobile app allows factory users to capture and add context to any type of factory data directly at source.
It supports multiple methods of contactless data capture such as NFC, QR, Barcode and Face ID making it the most flexible and easy way for factories to go completely paperless at every stage of production.
With open access APIs and industry standard data structures, DataWiz plays nice with every other system in your factory.
All manufacturing master data can either be created directly in DataWiz or seamlessly integrated from existing systems (e.g. SAP). DataWiz can also be connected to IoT sensors & machines.
The real power of DataWiz comes from its highly flexible and easy to configure real time reporting and analytics capability
which allows users to not only build powerful reports and dashboards but also leverage the power of an AI driven smart manufacturing assistant for added value insights and recommendations.
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